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Take Away Series – Week 2 Wrap up

crappy meal results

And so ends another successful week in the world of Competitve Eating.

This week in the Take Away Series saw our eaters take on a universally recognised meal.  For legal purposes we can’t reveal their name….but it rhymes with Crappy Meal 😉

The week started off slow with many keeping their times quiet until submission day.

Our first entry was by no other than Gorgin’ Georgie, who posted the respectable time of 1:53.  Being only her 3rd contest ever, we couldn’t have hoped for me.

Check out her video here:

The next video few videos were slowly released and here they are in order of time achieved:

Jordan – 1:06.52
Awesome effort from Jordan, him and his partner in business, Lucas ( have both admitted to only enterting our comp for a bit of fun…but honestly these guys have potential.
Here is Jordans video:

Inbetween Jordan and Lucas, Andy Mantequilla posted his video of 1:01.

After a strong start last week, Andy didnt get the crappy meal down as fast as some of the others. By the looks of things, he may be more suited to capacity challenges which will help with round 4! Coming up over the next few weeks.

Andy’s video can be seen below:

5 seconds quicker thank Andy, comes in Lucas’ time of 56.69 seconds. This can be viewed here:

Well done boys, will be interesting to see how they go this week with three chicken twisters on the menu!

Our next fastest time was from Hungry Haydo. Haydo who has been on the competitive eating scene for nearly 3 years now has previously posted a time of 32 seconds. (You can check out Hungry Haydo’s facebook page here:

He attempted this challenge twice, but just couldnt manage to beat his original time posted around 6 months ago. Haydo ended up submitting a time of 33 seconds and will have to lift to start bothering the competition for the remaining 2 rounds.

Here is his self proclaimed ‘Slow as’ video:

There was a short break after this with the other guys having up to 8 attempts at the meal to guarantee victory! Being such a short challenge, it was essential to submit a competitive time.

And damn did they bring their A game! We started seeing times that had never been seen before.

Here are the top 3!

The Dark Horse of the comp Ollie “The Ressler” managed a time of 25.2 seconds..Very quick indeed!

In second place, James ‘Jim Bob’ Rose with a time of 20.9!!! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this one…

James is an absolute beast and can put the food away as good as anyone else on the circuit!

Could anyone better this?? With only 12 hours left in the comp and no video from Colin or Daniel submitted, we thought we had seen the end.
We knew Colin had done a couple of trial challenges, but hadnt revealed his time. We also knew he was working hard to submit his best time…even if it meant hitting up McRonalds a few more than 5 times!

Turns out it was worth it, here is Colin’s time of………20.4 seconds here.


Unfortunately, Daniel didn’t submit a video this week and will walk about with no points.
So with the above results here are this weeks awarded points to the top 5:

5 points – Col the Conqueror
4 points – Jim Bob Rose
3 points – Ollie the Ressler
2 points – Hungry Haydo
1 point – Lucas Stewart

And here are the running totals:

1st Place – Col the Conqueror (10 points)
2nd Place – Ollie The Ressler (6 points)
3rd Place – Jim Bob Rose (5 Points)
4th Place – Dan Mercer (4 Points)
4th Place – Hungry Haydo (4 Points)
5th Place – Andy Mantequilla
6th Place – Lucas Stewart (1 Point)

Bring on week 3! Triple Twister Challenge!

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The Take Away Series Week 2

Crappy_Meal_challengeHere we go everyone, week 2 of the Take Away Series, the “Crappy Meal Challenge”. Here are the rules:

  • Contestants have to eat one “Happy Meal” from McDonalds as fast as possible.
  • The Happy Meal must consist of one Cheeseburger (no modifications), one small French Fries and one small soft drink (any flavour, must be a soft drink with carbonation (e.g. not water or juice), NO ICE!)
  • Contestants can unwrap their burger, remove the lid from their drink, and chips can be tipped out onto the tray prior to the start of the timer. The meal cannot be altered in any other way (e.g. chips on burger, burger de-constructed, etc.)
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible stopwatch/timer/clock visible in video at all times
  • Times will be tight. Please ensure your timer is easily visible with milliseconds.
  • Timer can be started by the contestant or an assistant. Food must not touch the mouth prior to the timer starting or the entry will be disqualified
  • Timer will be stopped when all items have been eaten and an open, empty mouth is visible in the video (i.e. you don’t have to stop the clock yourself)
  • The person who eats the entire Happy Meal (burger, fries, drink) the fastest will win Round 2 of the Take Away Series

Good luck to this week’s contestants!

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The Take Away Series Week 1 Wrap up!

Take Away Series Week 1

This week we saw a first in Australian competitive eating history with the introduction of a fully virtual national competition.

The Take Away Series is 4 events utilizing foods from popular fast food restaurants around Australia.

Each week 5 points are given to the winner, 4 points to 2nd place and so on until 5th place recieves 1 point.

This week, it was whoever could eat 2 large pizza’s from Domino’s the fastest.

James Gordana Rose was the first to start us off with an impressive time of 5:14.

The next two videos were from new comers, Jordan Lucas Brown and Lucas Stewart from  Creation Coachin (check their youtube channel here)
The boys put in a great effort and both finished! Their respective times were: 12:44 & 12:15!


Jordan’s Video:


Lucas’ Video:

Our next video was from Andy Mantequilla who clocked a very impressive 5′:40.  Andy will be one to look out for in the future rounds for sure, especially the twister challenge! Great technique and a large capacity!


The next entry came from Hungry Haydo and Gorgin’ Georgie.

gorgin'Gorgin’ was our second female competitor to register, and a terrific eater….large capacity and can put away good volumes of food!

Gorgin’ and Hungry completed their challenge at the same time.  Hungry posted the top time of the competition so far with 4:20. 

Georgie was so close to finishing but after eating 2 pieces of lasagne, frozen yogurt with toppings, jelly beans, 2 eggs on toast, triple layer choc birthday cake and more, she couldnt quite fit it all in!


Here is their joint video:



The next entry to come in was from Ollie ‘The Ressler’ Ressom.  A new eater on the scene out of Melbourne that always loved eating, but had no idea about the Competitive Eating scene!  Ollie always had quite the hunger because of his work in the gym, and was excited to hear about the take away series.  Ollie also blew away the competition with a time of 3:29!! Nearly an entire minute quicker than Hungry!



After thinking all week, how much quicker can the times get…We got an entry from one of Australia’s best, Daniel Mercer!

Daniel, traditionally known for his large capacity has recently been competing in all events and now is not only a capacity eater, but also a making a name for himself as a speed eater aswell!

Check out Dan’s time of 2:55 here:



Unfortunetly, we had one of our contestants, The Hungry Ranga (Who hosts a great blog on eating ‘unusual’ foods around Melbourne (you check out her blog here).


Just as we though the week was over and Daniel was going to take the points…….Col The Conqueror emerges with the narrowest of margins…..2:50!!

Col the Conqueror, who is making quite the name for himself by getting to A LOT of competitions around Australia posted the fastest time of the week and will take the 5 points this week.  Check out his website, BIG EATS here,  and his Youtube channel here.

Check out his speedy video here:


And so ends the first week of’s Take Away Series!

Here are the standings:

Take Away Series Week 1 Standings


Next week is the Crappy Meal Challenge!!!

A Crappy meal from Mcdonalds! Stay tuned for all the rules!!


Thanks everyone for competing and supporting!

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Redfest Strawberry Eating Contest 2013 Results

The open section of this year’s strawberry eating contest at RedFest was won by Colin MacLaurin, who took a record-breaking 15 seconds to down his plate of strawberries with second place going to Capalaba’s Daniel Mercer who took 20.6 seconds and third place went to Kody Cook. The crowd warmed to Redland City councillor Lance Hewlett who stepped into the role of emcee, usually held by his brother-in-law Redlands MP Peter Dowling.

REDFEST’S traditional strawberry eating contest attracted a large crowd again this year.

The Uniting Church’s long-standing strawberry ice cream stall attracted customers, while the strawberry eating competition finals attracted a large, enthusiastic crowd.

Grand Prize winners of this year’s competition were Colin MacLaurin, who took a record-breaking 15 seconds to down his plate of strawberries with second place going to Capalaba’s Daniel Mercer who took 20.6 seconds and third place to Kody Cook.

The crowd warmed to Redland City councillor Lance Hewlett who stepped into the role of emcee, usually held by his brother-in-law Redlands MP Peter Dowling.

Jess, the giant strawberry and Town Crier Max Bissett also kept proceedings moving along.


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Four’n Twenty Traveller Pie Challenge

Four'n Twenty Traveller PieThe Four’n Twenty Traveller Pie Challenge consists of one Four’n Twenty Traveller Pie to be eaten as fast as possible.


  • The pie can be unwrapped and held in the hand before the timer starts
  • The pie needs to be eaten completely, mouth open before the timer stops

Hot Tip: Don’t let Tom Rockliff heat your pie… you might be in with a chance!

Current Australian Record Time: 1:33 by Tom Rockliff (Brisbane Lions)

Second Place Record Time: 2:24 by Jonathan Brown (Brisbane Lions)

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Feature article in Maxim Magazine

Check our our feature article in this month’s Maxim Magazine! The article is a great insight into Australia’s best competitive eaters. James “Jim Bob” Rose, Camilla “Milly” Hamilton, Colin “The Conqueror” MacLaurin, Hungry Haydo and Daniel Mercer all talk about what brought them into the sport, their goals, and the tactics they use to be the best at their sport. And Daniel talks in detail about how to prepare for and recover after a competition!

Check out the article below, and pick up a copy today at your local newsagent!

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Toowong Tower Eating Competition, 22 June 2013

The Toowong Tower Burger Challenge


  • 3 Beef Patties
  • 3 Fried Eggs
  • 3 Bacon Layers
  • 3 Slices of Cheese
  • Tomato, Lettuce & Aioli
  • On a toasted buns+ CHIPS!


  1. No sharing
  2. Your plate must be clean. No dribbly bits of lettuce or half a fry.. Just eat the lot.
  3. If you cant complete the TOWER, you not only will be trash talked by a) your peers, b) the chef and c) all bar staff but you shall also have to upload a photo of you and your incomplete burger to our ‘Wall of Shame” (Dont worry, we will supply tissues)
  4. Keep it down. Throwing up will be a disqualification.

We do not take any responsibility for any pain or suffering you may encounter.

All entrants will be timed, the winner is the fastest contestant to complete the burger and fries.

TO ENTER: Swing your details on the event page (this page)/Email Toowong Bowls Club-Club Toowong FB page or give us a call on 3870 1616



  • First Place: Daniel Mercer – 4:19
  • Second Place: Daniel Mercer (on his second attempt for the day) – 7:11
  • Third Place: Colin MacLaurin – 7:34


Video of the event

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150 Gyoza Challenge

Daniel Mercer 150 Gyoza ChallengeThe 150 Gyoza Challenge consists of 150 fried Gyoza eaten as quickly as possible. Gyoza’s have to be the usual size and shape, can be any filling you choose.

The original challenge was to see how many Daniel could eat in 10 minutes. As we’ve not heard anyone else in Australia doing this many, we’re setting the benchmark and turning this into a time based challenge instead of volume.

If you can eat 150 Gyoza in less than 10 minutes, we want to see it!

Current Record Time: 10 minutes by Daniel Mercer

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Happy Meal Challenge

McDonalds Happy MealThe Happy Meal Challenge consists of one McDonalds Happy Meal (Cheeseburger, Small Fries, Small Coke (no ice)), to be eaten as quickly as possible.


  • The burger can be unwrapped and held in the hand before the timer starts
  • The lid of the drink can be removed before the timer starts
  • All food and drink needs to be eaten completely, mouth open on camera before the timer is stopped

Current Australian Record Time: 25.8 seconds by James “Jim Bob” Rose


Second Place Record Time: 32.3 seconds by Hungry Haydo


3rd Place Record Time: 37.9 by James “Jim Bob” Rose

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