Terms and Conditions

We will provide more verbose terms and conditions in the near future. In the meantime, we will adhere to and honour the following broad operational parameters to ensure our site visitors and customers are satisfied with the services we provide them

  1. We will ensure the CompetitiveEating.com.au site (The Site) remains up and operational
  2. Any listings which are inaccurate or fraudulent on The Site will be removed by The Site administrators
  3. Any offensive or irrelevant content on The Site will be removed. Any found by customers can be reported to us via email and action will be taken as soon as it is received
  4. Customers who post offensive or inappropriate content on the site will be given one warning. A second offence will result in the user being banned from The Site
  5. If there are any customers who are not satisfied with the services we provide, we will work with them and resolve the issues quickly and amicably to the best of our ability

Our overall aim is to provide a service that is valuable to the competitive eating community and the community as a whole.