Listing Types : Challenges with prizes
Challenge Type : Chilli Challenge
Location : Queensland
The Challenge : Eat 5 Chernobyl Hot Wings in 5 minutes then suffer for 5 minutes
The Price : $15 for entry and free beers
Time Limit : 5 Minutes to eat, 5 minutes to suffer
The Prize : Official Hot Wing Champion Shirt, all entrants get free drinks
On Saturday the 29th of July it\’s National Chicken Wing Day and to celebrate we are holding a Hot Wing Eating Contest!
Contestants will need to pay a registration fee of $15 at Reception and sign a Accident Waiver and Release of Liability. On the day entrants will have 5 minutes to eat five of the hottest wings on the planet, Chef Jason is calling them Chernobyl Hot. After the wings are eaten there is a 5 minute burn period. If one can complete the challenge they will get one of our very cool and stylish Hot Wing Challenge shirts plus bragging rights and go down in history as the Nerang RSL 2017 Hot Wing Challenge Champions.

All who enter will get shouted a few beverages over the afternoon.

Rules and Grounds for Disqualification

• You must eat 5 chicken wings in 5 minutes 
• All wings must be clean of meat 
• There is a 5-minute burn period after completion 
• You must stay seated for the full duration of the challenge 
• You must eat the chicken wings of the bone (no picking the meat off) 
• You must not drink during the challenge and during the burn time 
• You must use your fingers to eat the wings 
• Gloves cannot be worn during the challenge 
• You may not wipe the sauce of the chicken wings 
• You must complete and sign the disclaimer prior to the challenge 
• You cannot start the challenge prior to the starting signal 
• You cannot wipe your mouth with any form of cloth or clothing including napkins during the challenge 
• You cannot go to the bathroom 
• The challenge will be witnessed and timed by an authorised judge 
• Vomiting will result in instant disqualification and total shame

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