The Battle of Big Eaters: World Championship

Welcome to all our Japanese friends visiting our site!

Team Crocodile would like to thank you all for giving us the chance to compete against Japan, USA and the UK in this year’s Battle of Big Eaters World Championship.

Once the show has aired, please visit us again as we’ll be sharing some behind the scenes photos and information.

Good luck Japan, USA and UK!


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Luna Park Hot Dog Eating Competition 2016 Results

A closely fought battle that went down to a tiebreaker for the Men’s final, but alas there can only be one winner.

During what can only be described as an Arctic blast, Ollie “The Ressler” Ressom took out first place against Nathan “The Immortal” Imber, beating him in a tiebreaker after both ate 15 hot dogs each. He won by only a few mouthfuls in the tiebreaker.

At the end of the competition, Mr Ressom said “It was pretty hectic, I’m feeling pretty full”.

In the womens event, Sarah Grace took out first place after finishing seven HDB’s.

Each of the “Weiners” received a $250 cash prize and a year’s access to Luna Park Melbourne and Sydney.

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The Battle of Big Eaters: World Championship Australian Qualifier

Battle of Big EatersWe’re searching for Australia’s best competitive eaters to represent Australia in a popular Japanese TV show called “The Battle of Big Eaters: World Championships”. This global TV series will see Australian eaters compete against the best the USA, Japan and China have to offer. Sydney will host the Australian qualifying round in mid October, where the top four winners of the competition will be selected to represent Australia. These top four Australian competitive eaters will be flown to the USA for filming of the TV series, competing against the USA, Japanese and Chinese teams for the World Championship title.

Event Format

Unlike most Australian competitions, Japanese competitive eating events are volume based rather than speed based. The qualifying round will be 30 minutes in length, and the top four competitors will be determined by who can eat the most of the nominated food in that 30 minute period. There may be up to 20 competitors taking part in this event in Sydney. The food to be eaten has yet to be determined.

Competitor requirements

Competitors who wish to enter the qualifying event must be available to compete at the qualifying round in Sydney on 12 October 2014, and if successful be available for travel to the USA for one week around the middle of November 2014 (dates to be confirmed)

Competitor Selection is working closely with TV Tokyo to select a group of Australia’s best competitive eaters to fly to Sydney for the qualifying event. Competitors will be selected based on experience, achievements and marketability for the show. To ensure the most suitable candidates are selected, we may ask contestants to prove their abilities prior to selection to confirm their suitability. As this event will be viewed by millions around the globe, we must ensure we select only the most suitable candidates to represent Australian on a global stage.

DO NOT apply for selection if

  • you are not available to travel to the USA for one week to compete in mid November 2014 (dates to be confirmed)
  • you do not have a valid passport
  • have a criminal record, including offences involving the use of a controlled substance (which may impact your ability to travel to the USA. See here for further information)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you pay for flights and accommodation to Sydney?
A: If you are chosen as one of the suitable candidates (by way of experience or other eligibility criteria), then your flights and accommodation will be paid for to attend and return from the qualifying event in Sydney.

Q: Even if I’m not chosen by for paid flights and accommodation, can I still compete in the qualifying event?
A: There are limits to the number of competitors that can enter the qualifying event. If you are deemed suitable to qualify then we may allow you to pay for your own flights and accommodation to attend.


More details will be posted to this page as information is made available. This is an amazing opportunity to compete on a global stage in front of millions. If you’ve got what it takes, fill in your application details in the form below and we’ll keep you up to date on the selection process. Like us on our Facebook Page for regular updates and information about the event.


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The State of Origin 2014 Game 1 – Meat Pies

State-of-Origin-Game-1-PiesMate against mate, state against state. Welcome to the first State of Origin event, Game 1: Meat Pies.

The rules are simple. Queensland vs New South Wales. Anyone from Queensland or New South Wales can enter (yes, anyone). All you need to do is film yourself eating pies in front of the telly during the State of Origin. Upload your video to Youtube so we can see how many you’ve eaten.

At the end of the game, get editing and upload your video to the usual places. Videos need to be available by 8pm Friday 6 June. We’ll tally up the scores over the course of the week and reveal the winner on the Friday night!


  • 4 pies = 1 try (4 points)
  • 4 pies + 2 pies = 1 try and conversion (6 points)


  • Contestants must live in either Queensland or New South Wales (sorry southerners!)
  • Contestants have to eat as many pies as possible with a TV in the background or foreground showing the State of Origin Game 1 (doesn’t have to be absolutely visible, just so long as it’s obvious that you’re eating during the game)
  • Pies can only be eaten in the first and second halves of the game (not before or during half time entertainment)
  • Contestants don’t have to eat for the entire duration of the game. For example, you could eat 6 pies in 5 minutes and “sub” yourself off. After you’ve eaten as many pies as you can you can stop the video
  • The pie must be of a reasonable standard size (e.g. Four ‘n’ Twenty, or supermarket equivalent of equal size)
  • Contestants can have their pies laid out before the start of the game, as well as any drink. Pies can be brought out during the game also. You’ll need a mate though, you must remain visible and cannot leave the table throughout the competition
  • During half time you can leave the table for a break. We DO NOT condone reversals. We are counting on your honesty here.
  • Tomato sauce is permitted (anything else would be unaustralian!)
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible television playing the State of Origin Game 1 visible in the video at all times, preferably with a visible score/time of the game
  • Food must not touch the mouth prior to the game starting or at the end of the halves or the entry will be disqualified
  • A half-eaten pie in the first half can be continued to be eaten in the second half
  • Only wholly eaten pies will count. Scores will only be tallied when pies are eaten in groups of 4 (try) and 2 (conversion) in that order (i.e. 4+ 2 + 4 + 2 etc.)
  • Chipmunking is allowed (i.e. can stuff mouth full of pies before the end of the game, so long as it’s eaten completely within a reasonable time afterwards)

Good luck!

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Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2014 Results

Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2014

Saturday 29 March saw the 2014 Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge. 12 contestants battled it out for the first prize, their weight in 4 Pines Beer!

The competition started off with introductions, with some outstanding contestants getting huge applause from their supporters in the crowd. Neil Howard, (who shall now be knows as “The X Man”), smeared a chilli sauce “X” across his chest, Jodie Lawlor wore a superhero costume, and Pauly went shirtless also. Before too long though, we were down to business and the competition commenced.

Starting strong, Col “The Conqueror” MacLaurin got out of the blocks seemingly taking an early lead. Others quietly wept into their Death Sentence wings, unaware of the pain that would continue to increase as the competition went on.

While Todd, Joshua and Dan powered on, others started to drop out of the competition, with Tom surrendering first. He’d be followed by Jake, Marcus and later Paul.

As the time neared the 12 minute mark, Todd ate with determination, his bowl of bones piling high for all to see.

After all was said and done, Todd Hansen took first place with a stunning 31 wings. Numbers like that had not been recorded since the start of the competition. The final count was

1st Place: Todd Hansen, 31 wings

2nd Place: Dan Cook, 28 wings

3rd Place: Neil Howard, 27 wings

As a rather large gentleman, Todd will certainly be enjoying a substantial amount of 4 Pines beer in the coming weeks/months!


For full competition, rules and event details:

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Week 4 and Take Away Series Wrap Up

Well after 4 fun weeks, we have finally seen an end to the take away series and a clear winning in Col the Conquerer. Colin won 3/4 events and has stepped it up a notch in the eating world.

More on the entire wrap up later, lets firstly discuss week 4.

Week 4 was the pinnacle, 100 Chicken Nuggets…
Often the bench mark in competitive eating circles due to its consistent nature (McRonald’s always producing the same sized nuggets), we knew this would be fun.

The week started off very slow, with a lot of people feeling the effects of the past 3 weeks of mayhem. Unfortuntely only 3 competitors managed to get a video in on time and only 1 finished.

The first video is Jordan and Lucas who have attempted all four challenges and a huge thank you for them to help support us.

They didnt manage to finish the nuggets but check their video out here for a few laughs.

And the winner and only finisher of this weeks challenge….

Col the Conquerer who has polished the nuggets off while staying super calm!

Check out his epic video below:

Well done Colin for winning the take away series and also we would like to thank every single competitor and viewer of any video we posted. Your support is very much appreciated and without the support it wouldn’t be worth it!

We look forward to another few challenges early in the new year.

Get ready guys, 2014 is going to take off!!

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Week 4 – Take Away Series – 100 Nugget Challenge

100 Nugget ChallengeWeek 4: Final round – 100 Nugget Challenge!

And here we are, the final round of the Take Away Series, the 100 Chicken Nugget Challenge! Speed has been the focus on the first three challenges, and now it’s time for the volume eaters to make an impression. Competitors have until 11:59pm Saturday night to submit their video.

Please note the date, Saturday night midnight at the latest as this is the last day of the month and the end of the competition period.

Here’s the rules for this week:

  • Contestants have to eat 100 Chicken Nuggets as fast as possible
  • The Chicken Nuggets must be either store bought, or from a Take Away store (e.g. Mc Donald’s, KFC), must be “Nuggets” and be as close as possible in shape and size to a Chicken McNugget (i.e. Popcorn Chicken, Chicken crackles will not be accepted)
  • Contestants can lay their nuggets out prior to the competition, or have them brought out to them during the competition. Each nugget must be able to be counted being eaten in the video
  • Chicken Nuggets can be either oven baked or deep fried
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible stopwatch/timer/clock visible in video at all times
  • Drinks ARE allowed. NO DUNKING
  • Timer will be stopped when all 100 Chicken Nuggets have been eaten and an open, empty mouth is visible in the video (i.e. you don’t have to stop the clock yourself)
  • Contestants who cannot eat a total of 100 Chicken Nuggets in the one sitting may still be eligible for points. Selection of a place will be at the discretion of the judges
  • The person who eats 100 Chicken Nuggets in the shortest time will win Round 4 of the Take Away Series

Happy eating!

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Week 3 Wrap up – Take Away Series (Triple Twister Challenge)

Triple Twister Take Away Series


Another week comes to an end and we are nearly at the conclusion of Australia’s first nationwide comp!

Thanks to everyone for showing their support so far…this has truly been fun for all involved and we have seen some amazing times posted!

Now down to business!

The week started off fairly slow, with most people doing their challenge later in the week. and damn it heated up! We never thought we would see times this quick but this we are always being surprised!

We are going to post the videos as they came in!

Gorgin Georgie put in another gallant effort, showing she is one to look out for in the female section for sure!

GG finished with a time of 7:48! Check out her video here for some funny watching:


Jordan Lucas Brown was next to post a time, where he managed to eat the 3 twisters in 3:35…Averaging just 1:10 per twister…very quick way to get down over 1500 cals! Bet Jordan worked this off the next day with his workout and business partner, Lucas (who’s time will be revealed a little lower)


The next quickest was Andy Mantequilla, who unfortunately posted a time of 3:22ish (time was stopped before last mouthful, but this is a 4 second addition estimated).

This is Andy’s first set of consecutive comps, and he has a very promosing future ahead…We would love to see this guy smash down his favourite food, as we can see he has major potential.

Andy’s video is below:

And in comes the top 5 videos….

5th quickest this week goes to Lucas Stewart who is improving week by week.  Massive potential here with a time of 3:11.


The next two videos are by Hungry Haydo and Daniel Mercer.

Hungry Haydo posted a time of 2:16…narrowly beaten Daniel by just 3 seconds, who got 2:19! What a tight battle.

Both Hungry and Daniel have been in the game for nearly two years so it’s good to see the boys still duking it out!


Catch Hungry’s Video here:

and Daniel’s here:


Col the Conqueror was next to post his time, and managed a VERY competitive time of 1:51

Col has dominated this competition with 2 wins…but unfortunately this week was knocked off by one of Australia’s best….

Here is his video, complete with candelabras!

But who the hell could beat this do you ask??

Well there was only one competitor that we knew was capable of such efforts..

Jim Bob Rose with a time of……..1:32!!!!! Incredible.




Current leader board:

1st Place – Col the Conqueror (14 points)
2nd Place – Jim Bob Rose (10 Points)
3rd Place – Hungry Haydo (7 Points)
4th Place – Dan Mercer (6 Points)
4th Place – Ollie The Ressler (6 points)
5th Place – Lucas Stewart (2 Points)


*Unfortunetly, Ollie the Ressler didn’t submit a video in time for the cut off this week! Ollie is a strong contender for the competition and we love seeing him slam down the food.  Looking forward to a big week 4 from him!


BRING ON WEEK 4!!! 100 Nuggets

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Week 3 – Take Away Series – Triple Twister!

Triple Twister Take Away SeriesWeek 3: Triple Twister!

After a record breaking and extremely close week 2, we’re now onto the third challenge of the series, the Triple Twister Challenge! You know the deal, share the poster on your wall prior to posting your video letting your friends know you’re going to be doing the challenge this week (it’s in our Photos area), take the vid and upload it to Youtube by 11:59pm Friday night. Here’s the rules for this week:

  • Contestants have to eat three (3) KFC Twisters as fast as possible
  • The Twisters must be the “Original” twisters, and not the Salsa or BLT variety. No modifications
  • Contestants can open their Twisters and lay the meal out however they wish prior to the start of their timer
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible stopwatch/timer/clock visible in video at all times
  • Drinks ARE allowed. NO DUNKING
  • Times will be tight. Please ensure your timer is easily visible with milliseconds.
  • Timer can be started by the contestant or an assistant. Food must not touch the mouth prior to the timer starting or the entry will be disqualified
  • Timer will be stopped when all items have been eaten and an open, empty mouth is visible in the video (i.e. you don’t have to stop the clock yourself)
  • The person who eats the three Twisters in the shortest time will win Round 3 of the Take Away Series

Happy Eating!

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Take Away Series – Week 2 Wrap up

crappy meal results

And so ends another successful week in the world of Competitve Eating.

This week in the Take Away Series saw our eaters take on a universally recognised meal.  For legal purposes we can’t reveal their name….but it rhymes with Crappy Meal 😉

The week started off slow with many keeping their times quiet until submission day.

Our first entry was by no other than Gorgin’ Georgie, who posted the respectable time of 1:53.  Being only her 3rd contest ever, we couldn’t have hoped for me.

Check out her video here:

The next video few videos were slowly released and here they are in order of time achieved:

Jordan – 1:06.52
Awesome effort from Jordan, him and his partner in business, Lucas ( have both admitted to only enterting our comp for a bit of fun…but honestly these guys have potential.
Here is Jordans video:

Inbetween Jordan and Lucas, Andy Mantequilla posted his video of 1:01.

After a strong start last week, Andy didnt get the crappy meal down as fast as some of the others. By the looks of things, he may be more suited to capacity challenges which will help with round 4! Coming up over the next few weeks.

Andy’s video can be seen below:

5 seconds quicker thank Andy, comes in Lucas’ time of 56.69 seconds. This can be viewed here:

Well done boys, will be interesting to see how they go this week with three chicken twisters on the menu!

Our next fastest time was from Hungry Haydo. Haydo who has been on the competitive eating scene for nearly 3 years now has previously posted a time of 32 seconds. (You can check out Hungry Haydo’s facebook page here:

He attempted this challenge twice, but just couldnt manage to beat his original time posted around 6 months ago. Haydo ended up submitting a time of 33 seconds and will have to lift to start bothering the competition for the remaining 2 rounds.

Here is his self proclaimed ‘Slow as’ video:

There was a short break after this with the other guys having up to 8 attempts at the meal to guarantee victory! Being such a short challenge, it was essential to submit a competitive time.

And damn did they bring their A game! We started seeing times that had never been seen before.

Here are the top 3!

The Dark Horse of the comp Ollie “The Ressler” managed a time of 25.2 seconds..Very quick indeed!

In second place, James ‘Jim Bob’ Rose with a time of 20.9!!! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this one…

James is an absolute beast and can put the food away as good as anyone else on the circuit!

Could anyone better this?? With only 12 hours left in the comp and no video from Colin or Daniel submitted, we thought we had seen the end.
We knew Colin had done a couple of trial challenges, but hadnt revealed his time. We also knew he was working hard to submit his best time…even if it meant hitting up McRonalds a few more than 5 times!

Turns out it was worth it, here is Colin’s time of………20.4 seconds here.


Unfortunately, Daniel didn’t submit a video this week and will walk about with no points.
So with the above results here are this weeks awarded points to the top 5:

5 points – Col the Conqueror
4 points – Jim Bob Rose
3 points – Ollie the Ressler
2 points – Hungry Haydo
1 point – Lucas Stewart

And here are the running totals:

1st Place – Col the Conqueror (10 points)
2nd Place – Ollie The Ressler (6 points)
3rd Place – Jim Bob Rose (5 Points)
4th Place – Dan Mercer (4 Points)
4th Place – Hungry Haydo (4 Points)
5th Place – Andy Mantequilla
6th Place – Lucas Stewart (1 Point)

Bring on week 3! Triple Twister Challenge!

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