Winner! is Australia’s home of Competitive Eating. is involved in Competitive Eating events and contests that feature Australia’s top Competitive Eaters in locations all around Australia. We encourage both seasoned professional eaters as well as amateurs to compete in all of our Competitive Eating events. We recognise the entertainment value and challenges that local competitors can bring to an eating event or contest, and encourage those interested in the sport to take part. sanctions a number of events around Australia, allowing both professional and amateur eaters to compete in this fast and entertaining sport. And while seasoned pros may be hard to beat, many amateurs often turn heads and can even beat the pros. It’s a sport with the ability to surprise!

To sign up for an event, visit our Facebook page or email us and nominate for our next eating contest. updates their Facebook Page regularly, so stay connected and like us today. and the Event Sponsors host events and accepts only voluntary registration from participants 18 years of age or older who acknowledge the risk of potential serious injury, illness or danger that may result in taking part in a Competitive Eating event or contest. works closely with Event Sponsors to develop an entertaining and engaging event or contest for their business and their customers. will make the final decision whether a potential participant is eligible or allowed to take part in a sanctioned event or contest, and can revoke entry for that participant at any time at their sole discretion. requires an Acknowledgement and Waiver to be fully read and signed by the participant prior to their involvement in any event or contest.