Listing Types : Eating Challenges
Challenge Type : Speed Challenge
Location : New South Wales
The Challenge : Eat 2,2 kilo bowl of Pho in fastest time
The Weight : 2.2kg
The Price : $30 - finish and receive $50 voucher
Time Limit : Fastest
The Prize : Finish the bowl and recieve $50. 10 fastest come back for Grand Final and fastest wins $1,500 travel voucher
The Record : N/A

Could you eat your way to a holiday?

How’s your appetite? Are you up to taking on the District 8 eating challenge and downing our giant bowl of pho in record time?

To beat the bowl, you will need to consume over 2.2kg of steaming aromatic broth, slippery rice noodles, tender meat, fresh bean sprouts, basil and sides. It’s equivalent to three regular size pho bowls but presented in one huge salad-sized basin.

District 8, the South East Asian hawker- style food market at Cabra-Vale Diggers, expects some serious slurping when the mighty pho challenge starts on September 13 and runs all the way through to October 25.  Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a $50 District 8 voucher and then get the chance to enter the grand final “eat off” on Thursday November 1, when one lucky contestant will win a $1,500 travel voucher.

So, how would you tackle the challenge? Drink plenty of water to help it go down, or would that only fill you up? Drink the soup first, or eat the noodles and meat then wash it down with the broth? Start fast or ease into it? Is there a strategy? Time to start training!


You can take the pho challenge as many times as you like. Just purchase the giant pho bowl and alert staff that you are entering the contest, so you can be officially timed. Don’t forget to follow all the action and record times on our Facebook wall of fame @district8cabravale.

Even if you don’t compete, you can still enjoy our giant pho as a share bowl with family and friends – a super-sized bargain at $30.


District 8 @ Cabra-Vale Diggers is open 7 days from 11.30am till late.

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