Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Challenge Type : Speed Challenge
Location : Victoria
Prizes : $100 store voucher for the winning contestant $50 store voucher for whoever nominated this contestant
Rules : - All entrants must be 18 years of age or over. - The contestant must swallow all of their hot cross bun and show an empty mouth to the judges before commencing the next bun. - All contestants are participating at their own risk. Any issues, medical, psychological, or otherwise, resulting from participation in the event are the sole responsibility of the contestant. -The winner will be determined as the contestant to eat the most hot cross buns. If contestants consume the same number of hot cross buns the weight of the bun they have partly consumed will be used to determine the winner, if this cannot happen an additional 1-minute competition will take place between tied contestants to determine the winner.
How to enter : Head to either our facebook account or our instagram account @oasis_AU and tag someone you would like to nominate as a contestant. 5 competitors will be chosen and contacted on Monday 19th March
Time Limit : 5 minutes

Nominate a friend to enter our Hot Cross Bun eating competition by tagging them on the relevant posts on our social media FACEBOOK. or INSTAGRAM 😝
Contestants will have 5 minutes to eat as many nutella filled hot cross buns as they can. 🍫 
The winner will receive a $100 store voucher and their nominating friend will receive a $50 voucher. 
Entries are open across all social media platforms for the next 2 weeks. Both the contestant and the nominator must be available to attend the competition at 6pm on Thursday March 22nd.
Successful contestants will be contacted on Monday the 19th of March, Good luck!

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