Pancake Manor Shrove Tuesday Pancake Eating Competition, 19 February 2012 Results

Pancake Manor Shrove Tuesday Pancake Eating Competition, 19 February 2012 Results

The Sunday before Shrove Tuesday saw the Pancake Manor in Charlotte St, Brisbane run their annual Pancake Eating Competition. Last year’s winner and record holder Camilla (18) came in second with 14 pancakes, and Daniel Mercer downed a massive 19 pancakes to take the record and the crown!

Competing againt about 14 contenders, Daniel smashed the competition with his pile of plates far exceeding his rivals seated nearby. Congratulations Daniel!

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Hot Dog Style Hot Dog Eating Competition – 7pm Saturday 31 March 2012 Results


After a hard fought 12 minutes of hot dog eating, Colin “The Conqueror” MacLaurin wins the first ever Hot Dog Style Hot Dog Eating Competition finishing 10 HDB’s in 12 minutes and taking the $100 first prize. Colin has now been crowned Australia’s No. 1 competitive hot dog eater!

Coming in second was Steve “Midnight Muncher” Muller, followed by a closely contested third place with Ash “the sausage destroyer”. An honourable mention goes to seasoned competitive eater Warren “El Scorcho” Lees just missing out on third place by half a HDB.

Event Details:

Hot Dog Style, in association with and are proud to present Australia’s first official Hot Dog Eating Competition. How many Hot Dogs with Buns (HDB’s for the pro’s) can you eat in 12 minutes?


  1. First prize is a $100 CASH
  2. Second prize is a $50 CASH
  3. Third prize is a $25 CASH

All contestants will receive an exclusive Hot Dog Style t-shirt, and can eat as many hot dogs as they like during the 12 minute competition.

Imagine how many hot dogs you could buy with those!


  • Contestants have 12 minutes to eat as many of Hot Dog Style’s Hot Dogs with Buns (HDB’s) as possible.
  • Liquids can be consumed as part of the competition. Water will be provided.
  • Contestants must not leave the table at any time during the competition. Those who do will instantly be disqualified
  • HDB’s must be eaten one after the other, and will only be counted if the entire hot dog is consumed before starting on the next one.
  • Contestants who have a “reversal” are instantly disqualified. A reversal will be determined by the head judge with no further discussion entered into. The judges decision is final.
  • At the end of the 12 minutes, what goes in and stays in counts, so long as it’s consumed within 2 minutes after the 12 minutes has elapsed. Failure to finish will result in a 2 HDB penalty.

How to enter:

Contestants must register by Friday 30 March 2012. To qualify, simply visit Hot Dog Style before Friday 30 March 2012 and pay the entry fee. Entry fee is $20 and must be paid prior to the event. For more details, email, visit their facebook page at, or visit our facebook page at

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I make more than $200k eating: Pro eater

A former construction engineer has turned his love of eating into a profession that earns him more than $200,000 a year.

Joey Chestnut gave up the security of a job in engineering to follow his dream of being a professional eater, and the move seems to have paid off.

The 28-year-old from California, the reigning world champion in competitive eating, made $205,000 in 2011 as part of Major League Eating, a slight dip on his 2010 income of nearly $225,000.

Having previously competed while holding down his full-time job, Mr Chestnut ditched the more conventional occupation at the start of last year.

“When I first started out I just thought it was something I was good at, but then as it became more and more serious over time I had to look at it as a sport,” the 1.8m-tall, 99kg Mr Chestnut told ninemsn.

“I had to be able to rationalise putting in that much time and be able to say ‘I’m going to get better’ in the same way a runner or a baseball player pushes their body to get better.”

Mr Chestnut — who insists his name is the one he was given at birth — said pay packets for construction engineers tend to “top out” at around $115,000 a year in the US, but when he discovered he could make almost double that eating, the decision to go pro was an easy one.

Major League Eating claims to be the fastest-growing sporting league in the US, and sporting network ESPN has reportedly just renewed a contract that will see it broadcast its flagship Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs Fourth of July event until 2017.

While the sport has enjoyed a healthy cult following in the US, the league is trying to take the competition international, with Australia and a number of Southeast Asian countries playing host to events over the past year.

“Last year, we held a Nathan’s qualifier in China for the first time,” league president Mike Antolini told ninemsn.

The finale of the Biggest Eater competition was held in Bangkok on Saturday and event sponsor CP Foods, a Thai agribusiness company, jetted in media from all the competing nations in an effort to boost international coverage.

But competitive eating is far from pretty.

Contestants suppress gag reflexes as they battle it out to shove the most amount of a particular food into their mouths in a set time. In Bangkok it was shrimp wontons, but previous foods include tacos, boiled eggs and chicken wings.

Mr Chestnut won the Bangkok championship and set a new shrimp wonton eating record of 390 in just eight minutes.

He said he is happy to reap the rewards while his body still allows him to.

“I know I’m one of the best eaters, but the ball’s rolling and it’s taking me for a ride and I’m riding it out and having fun with it,” he said.



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