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Paniyiri Greek Festival Honey Puff Eating Contest 20 May 2012 Results


Large crowds gathered for the 4 qualification rounds, with the winner of each round securing themselves a place in the main stage final.

And for the final, on the main stage in front of a crowd of thousands, Ben Rag, Colin MacLaurin, Charlie Dearden and Mitchell each sat down to a bowl of 25 honey puffs each. The challenge: To eat as many of the 2012 Paniyiri Honey Puffs as possible in 60 seconds.

In their winning heats, Ben ate 15, Charlie ate 10, Mitchell 14, and Colin 19. This being Ben’s 5th year competing, he wasn’t prepared to face up to a current Competitive Eating champion!

Mitchell was lucky to be included. After not showing up 10 minutes prior to the competition, his position was filled by a replacement Greg Yates. His appearance at 3:04pm saw his replacement retired and had him seated for the final.

After a gruelling 60 seconds of honey puff eating, Colin came out the clear winner with 18 honey puffs, followed closely by Ben with 14.

Colin took home the title and first prize, an overnight stay at Emporium. Congratulations Colin on your second event win!

Event Details

The annual Paniyiri Greek Festival offers a chance to indulge in an unnatural amount of these deep-fried, honey-drizzled, puffs – and you don’t have to be Greek to enter!

Heats will be held over 2 days, with the final sure to draw a crowd.


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