Piefection Chilli Pie Eating Contest, Mt Gravatt – 2pm Saturday 24 November 2012 Results

Piefection Chilli Pie Eating Contest, Mt Gravatt – 2pm Saturday 24 November 2012 Results

Close up!Results:

The inaugural Piefection Chilli Pie Eating Contest saw 12 contestants battle it out, eating 10 of their scorching chilli pies as fast as possible. The rules were simple. No drinks, eat 10 pies as fast as you can, winner gets the glory!

These pies were certainly spicy! Laced with birds eye chillies, the heat started slow but crept up on you. For a normal eater, you’d get about half way through these mini hot pies, and your eyes would start to water severely!

While they may have been small, the heat certainly made up for the lack of volume!

Starting strong, Daniel Mercer dashed ahead of the field, while other eaters seemed shocked at the rate the pies on his plate were disappearing. 2 pies in, certain in their defeat, Cam and Alex reach for their glasses of milk, a sign of surrender and instant disqualification.

Dillon put up a brave fight, eating a considerable number in the short time, but in 3:22, Daniel had already taken first place, and the others put down their spicy little pies, almost all reaching soon after for creamy relief.

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Taco Bill’s “Big Willi” Grand Fork Off, Melbourne – Sunday 30 October 2012 Results

Taco Bill’s,  well known Victorian taco chain recently held their “Big Willi” Grand Fork Off, where competitors raced against each other to devour a 2.5kg Burrito to raise money for the Hungry Haydo prostate cancer charity.

54 people over 6 weeks attempted to qualify, the requirement being they needed to finish the mammoth taco in less than 35 minutes. Only 4 completed the feat under the 35 minute mark, with 1 competitor having to return to the UK before the Grand Final.

Money raised from entry fees, challenger’s guests and also from within the Taco Bill Group (restaurants and their suppliers) raised $4000.

Hungry Haydo won the competition by devouring the 2.5kg “Big Willi” burrito in 8 minutes 54 seconds, winning a $500 first prize.

Coming in second was Colin MacLaurin, and third was Issac Martin.

Check out the pics from the qualifying rounds, as well as the pic with Colin, Haydo and Issac at the final!

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