Week 4 and Take Away Series Wrap Up

Week 4 and Take Away Series Wrap Up

Well after 4 fun weeks, we have finally seen an end to the take away series and a clear winning in Col the Conquerer. Colin won 3/4 events and has stepped it up a notch in the eating world.

More on the entire wrap up later, lets firstly discuss week 4.

Week 4 was the pinnacle, 100 Chicken Nuggets…
Often the bench mark in competitive eating circles due to its consistent nature (McRonald’s always producing the same sized nuggets), we knew this would be fun.

The week started off very slow, with a lot of people feeling the effects of the past 3 weeks of mayhem. Unfortuntely only 3 competitors managed to get a video in on time and only 1 finished.

The first video is Jordan and Lucas who have attempted all four challenges and a huge thank you for them to help support us.

They didnt manage to finish the nuggets but check their video out here for a few laughs.

And the winner and only finisher of this weeks challenge….

Col the Conquerer who has polished the nuggets off while staying super calm!

Check out his epic video below:

Well done Colin for winning the take away series and also we would like to thank every single competitor and viewer of any video we posted. Your support is very much appreciated and without the support it wouldn’t be worth it!

We look forward to another few challenges early in the new year.

Get ready guys, 2014 is going to take off!!

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