The State of Origin 2014 Game 1 – Meat Pies

The State of Origin 2014 Game 1 – Meat Pies

State-of-Origin-Game-1-PiesMate against mate, state against state. Welcome to the first State of Origin event, Game 1: Meat Pies.

The rules are simple. Queensland vs New South Wales. Anyone from Queensland or New South Wales can enter (yes, anyone). All you need to do is film yourself eating pies in front of the telly during the State of Origin. Upload your video to Youtube so we can see how many you’ve eaten.

At the end of the game, get editing and upload your video to the usual places. Videos need to be available by 8pm Friday 6 June. We’ll tally up the scores over the course of the week and reveal the winner on the Friday night!


  • 4 pies = 1 try (4 points)
  • 4 pies + 2 pies = 1 try and conversion (6 points)


  • Contestants must live in either Queensland or New South Wales (sorry southerners!)
  • Contestants have to eat as many pies as possible with a TV in the background or foreground showing the State of Origin Game 1 (doesn’t have to be absolutely visible, just so long as it’s obvious that you’re eating during the game)
  • Pies can only be eaten in the first and second halves of the game (not before or during half time entertainment)
  • Contestants don’t have to eat for the entire duration of the game. For example, you could eat 6 pies in 5 minutes and “sub” yourself off. After you’ve eaten as many pies as you can you can stop the video
  • The pie must be of a reasonable standard size (e.g. Four ‘n’ Twenty, or supermarket equivalent of equal size)
  • Contestants can have their pies laid out before the start of the game, as well as any drink. Pies can be brought out during the game also. You’ll need a mate though, you must remain visible and cannot leave the table throughout the competition
  • During half time you can leave the table for a break. We DO NOT condone reversals. We are counting on your honesty here.
  • Tomato sauce is permitted (anything else would be unaustralian!)
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible television playing the State of Origin Game 1 visible in the video at all times, preferably with a visible score/time of the game
  • Food must not touch the mouth prior to the game starting or at the end of the halves or the entry will be disqualified
  • A half-eaten pie in the first half can be continued to be eaten in the second half
  • Only wholly eaten pies will count. Scores will only be tallied when pies are eaten in groups of 4 (try) and 2 (conversion) in that order (i.e. 4+ 2 + 4 + 2 etc.)
  • Chipmunking is allowed (i.e. can stuff mouth full of pies before the end of the game, so long as it’s eaten completely within a reasonable time afterwards)

Good luck!

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