The Australia Day 1kg Caxton Kilo Steak Challenge, Caxton Hotel, Brisbane


Sean, Cam, another bloke and I went for another round at the Caxton Kilo Challenge. Once again, the steak was right on the money, and a superb session of fatness eventuated. Check out the pics.

Event Details:

It’s on again! The Caxton Kilo will be available during lunch (12-3pm) & dinner (from 6pm). The kilo steak costs $35 & is served with an Idaho potato or chips & salad.

There is a prize pack for those who can conquer the kilo.

Here’s a few pics from some contestants in 2010:


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The Deck Bar Pie Eating Contest, Australia Day 2012 Results


The winner of the first round which was “who can eat there pie the fastest with no hands” was Aaron Simpson from Noosa. He ate his pie (family size) in 3mins 40 secs. John Mc Cormack finished a very close second (pictured, love the shirt!).

The winner of round two was The Deck Bars own Mick Sturdy. He ate 6 and half pies in 5 mins, that’s a pie every 46 secs.

Event Details:

The Deck Bar in Darwin is hosting two pie eating contests this Australia day.

First is a competition to see who can eat a whole pie without using their hands.

The second is to see who can eat the most pies in 5 minutes

Both competitions have a $150 first place cash prize!

More info available here:

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Meat-Pie Eating Contest, Gladstone – 26 January 2012

The national day is an opportunity to gorge yourself until your heart’s content on a variety of Aussie treats. Competitions around the country stage lamington-eating contests and search for super-slurpers of Vegemite sandwiches. But by far the highlight is the event deciding the best muncher of meat pies.

The race will be on to find the fastest junior and senior pie eater at Gladstone Regional Council’s 2012 Australia Day Family Fun celebrations.

There will be 2 events, juniors aged 10 to 15 years and seniors 16 years and over.

Competitors will vie for a trophy as they confront the challenge to be the quickest to eat five pies in less than four minutes.

The January 26 activities will run from 4pm to 8pm at Millennium Esplanade, Tannum Sands, starting with the give away of 1000 sausages, cooked by Boyne Island Lions Club and assisted by Councillors.

Rides, free face painting and music will keep the crowds amused with stage and roving performances by comedy duo, The Crack Up Sisters.

And how good is this picture? Good old Artie, this just gives him even more of a legendary status!

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Juliet Lee breaks world record eating 175 wontons in Melbourne

COMPETITIVE eater Tim Janus today won the title of the state’s “biggest eater” chowing down 310 steamed wontons in eight minutes.

Joey Chestnut was a close second at the Melbourne Central event, managing 297 of the prawn dumplings.

Fellow competitor Juliet Lee broke the world record for the number of wontons eaten in eight minutes by a female, managing 175 dumplings.

The food battle was accompanied by a performance by popular Asian girl group iMe.

Hosted by Josh Thomas, the proceeds of the competition will go to charity.

For each prawn wonton eaten by the competitors one dollar was donated to local charity Youth Projects which will use the funds to build a community kitchen for unemployed adults.

A total of 6673 wontons were consumed throughout the two week competition.


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CP Biggest Eater Competition, Bangkok – 4 February 2012 Results


Joey Chestnut cemented World No. 1 status and smashed his previous world record by eating 390 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes

World No.1 Female Eater Sonya Thomas proved to be no pushover, setting new female world record with 231 CP Shrimp Wontons eaten in 8 minutes

Ng Chin Sheng (161 shrimp wontons) and Helen Tan (125 wontons) from Singapore clinched inaugural Regional Male and Female Eating Champion titles in record-breaking feats


Event Details:

Stomach this! CP Biggest Eater Competition returns for a second year – bigger, more exciting and challenging than ever!

To be held in 4 major cities across the region: Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, the event is slated to be the biggest eating competition yet in Asia and outside the USA.

Finals are to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 4 February 2012.

A myriad of international professional eaters including top-ranked eaters in the world will come together to showcase their jaw-dropping eating skills and battle for coveted honours at the various legs of the competition. The event will also see the first regional male and female champions crowned in Bangkok, Thailand – home to CP Foods!

Will World No. 1 Eater, American Joey Chestnut’s eye-popping record of 380 shrimp wontons in 8 minutes be broken? Can World No. 2 Female Eater, US-based Chinese Juliet Lee retain her title as the biggest female eater with a clean sweep of 160 wontons?

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