Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Victoria
Prizes on offer : First Prize: $400 for both Male and Female categories, and an Annual Pass to Luna Park Second Prize: $250 for both Male and Female categories Third Prize: $100 for both Male and Female categories
Rules (if applicable) : Eaters will have 10 minutes to eat as many Luna Park Hot Dogs and Buns (HDB's) as possible. HDB's must be eaten whole to count, i.e. the same number of buns and hot dogs. Only after both the hot dog and bun have been consumed (including any dropped components on the plate) will the HDB be counted as eaten. Crushing of buns together is not permitted. Any buns that have been crushed beyond recognition will not be counted toward the total. The person who eats the most HDB's in that 10 minute period will be deemed the winner and will be awarded the major prize. Chimpmunking at the end of the competition is allowed. Dunking throughout the competition is allowed. Water will be provided. No other food or drink other than has been provided can be consumed during the competition. In the event of a tie, an "Eat Off" will occur, where the tied contestants (2 or more) will each be given a Hot dog and bun to consume as fast as possible. After the conclusion of the competition, and the start of the "Eat Off", the contestants are not permitted to leave the competition area. This includes bathroom breaks. The person who consumes the HDB the fastest showing an open mouth (to confirm the HDB has been fully consumed) will be deemed the winner. Any contestant that vomits within the 10 minute competition period will be disqualified.
How to enter (if applicable) : To enter, visit and fill out the entry form. Should you be selected, a $20 fully refundable deposit will be required to secure your place (deposit will be refunded upon arrival at the competition). Entries close 13 July 2019 or until positions are filled.
The Price : Free
Time Limit : 10 minutes

We’re looking to crown this year’s ‘WIENER’ of the annual Hot Dog Eating Competition!

Billy Boyd, founder of will introduce the competitors and chant the crowd into a food frenzy! You’d be a silly sausage to miss out!

All potential champions must register for entry into the competition by 13th July.

Our competitors will be divided into male and female groups of 10 and have just 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs and their buns as possible.

Check out the Hall of Fame and see who has won past 4 competitions.

Hot Dog Day 2019

A fun day with rides, music, entertainment, and audience challenges!

The 2019 ‘Luna Park Hot Dog Eating Competition is presented by ‘Cleaver’s Organic Beef Hot dogs!

As part of International Hot Dog Month of July, Luna Park will be hosting a fun day with rides, music, and entertainment, on Saturday 20 July 2019.

Here is what to expect:

  • ‘Cleaver’s Organic Beef Hot dog, park admission plus 3 rides’ special offer
  • Eating Comp contestants must be pre-approved
  • Women’s event
  • Men’s event
  • Rockabilly band – The Atomic Hi-Tones
  • Hot Dog Mascot
  • Spectators: $5 (4 years and older)
  • Park admission included in all ride tickets

Get yourself down to Luna Park to enjoy the seaside breezes and picturesque views overlooking the famous Port Phillip Bay. Luna Park favourites, the Dodgem Cars, and Sky Rider, prove why the park is still a much-loved attraction for so many Melburnians and tourists alike.


Men’s Professional Division

1st: Hulk Smash Food – 23 HDB’s (New Record)

2nd: Vince “Big V” Mantovani – 22 HDB’s

3rd: Sven “2 Krayzee” Pelman – 19 + 1 HDB’s (Tiebreaker with Chad “Froman” Jones)


Women’s Division

1st: Mimi Zheng – 16 HDB’s (New Record)

2nd: Sarah Gilbert – 8 HDB’s


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