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Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge
Location : Queensland

Today saw the annual Pancake Manor Pancake Eating Competition for 2014. The competition is to see who can eat the most pancakes in 60 minutes, with the winner taking home a $70 Pancake Manor gift voucher.

This year competitors once again took to the “Long Table”, spanning the full width of the Pancake Manor with spectators in surrounding booths and on nearby tables. With most seats taken (as a result of a few no shows), it was a huge turn out.

Eaters were given their first plate of 4 pancakes prior to the timer starting. No one could start eating until everyone had their pancakes in front of them and the judge started the timer. And start they did! In no time at all, quite a few of the competitors were calling for their second plate. Credit to the Pancake Manor, everyone was supplied with new pancakes almost immediately. The race was on!

15 minutes into the event things were pretty tight. Quite a few people were 10 pancakes into the competition, and the competition was fierce. Everyone started out very strong, which is usually how this event pans out. However being 60 minutes long (which is an eternity for a competitive eating event!) this was going to be a test of endurance.

30 minutes into the competition and a few clear leaders started to emerge. Col “The Conqueror” MacLaurin, Daniel Mercer, and Retti were all very close, although Colin seemed to be in a more comfortable position than Daniel. It seems that Daniel had a bit of a big night the night before, and it was starting to show. Moans were coming from the Mercer camp, and the facial expressions weren’t much better. Would the previous champion lose the competition, and potentially lose the record?

With 10 minutes to go, Retti saw Daniel’s pain and realised he was in with a chance to take second place. With that, he smashed a pair of pancakes in what seemed to be less than a minute. This startled Daniel and got the table cheering Retti on with only a few minutes to go.

By this stage the battle for first place had already been won. It was now a question who would win second place.

With some stretches, moans, and some assistance with a Coke, Daniel soldiered on and downed just enough pancakes to keep ahead of Retti, watching and matching anything that Retti could down before the time had expired.

And with that, 60 minutes later saw Colin “The Conqueror” win, with a total of 27 pancakes to take first place. Colin was only 1 pancake away from matching Daniel’s previous year’s record of 28 pancakes.

Daniel came in second place with 20 pancakes, and Retti with 18.5.


1st Place: Colin “The Conqueror” MacLaurin – 27 pancakes

2nd Place: Daniel Mercer – 20 pancakes

3rd Place: Retti – 18.5 pancakes

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