Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Victoria
Prizes on offer : Pro category: 1st - $1,000 2nd - $500 3rd - $300 Amateur Category: 1st: $500 2nd: $300 3rd: $150
Rules (if applicable) : Contestants will have a maximum of 20 minutes to consume 1kg of beef brisket, 500g fries, 500g pulled pork and 200g of cheese sauce | The first three contestants to eat all of the platter items within the 20 minute period will be awarded the prizes as outlined in the Prizes section | To claim a place, the competitor must show an open mouth to the judge and must display a completely clean platter and sauce bowl to the judge | The bowl containing the cheese sauce must be completely clean, i.e. the surface of the bowl should be easily visible. There should be no coating of cheese sauce on any plate or bowl to claim a place | Should contestants be unable to finish the platter in the 20 minute period, the person(s) who eat the most as determined by weighing platters after the allotted time will be awarded their prizes in order of weight remaining ascending | Water may be consumed during the competition | Pouring of water over the food is not permitted. Anyone found doing so deliberately or accidentally will be instantly disqualified as determined by the head judge | Dunking is not permitted | Any parts of the platter dropped on the table or floor must be consumed. Failure to do so will result in disqualification | At the end of the 20 minute period, chipmunking will be allowed. Water may be consumed once the timer has elapsed. A strict 30 second period to present an open mouth will be enforced. Competitors failing to show an open mouth at the end of the 30 seconds will incur a 300g penalty | Competitors must not alter the platter in any way prior to the competition starting | Competitors must place their hands flat on the table prior to the start of the competition | The judge will count in the start of the competition with a 3-2-1 count down | Anyone who has a reversal will be instantly disqualified
How to enter (if applicable) : Enter by applying via the following web site:
The Price : N/A
Time Limit : 30 minutes

San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ are hosting their first ever BBQ Battle Eating Competition, being held at San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ from 12pm on the 4th of July 2018!

Hosted by renowned Competitive Eating Superstar Adam Richman and BBQ Pitmaster Kevin Bludso of Bludso’s BBQ, contestants will battle it out in two divisions, Amateur and Pro.

Amateurs will be competing for a first prize of $500, second will score $300 and third will pick up $150.

In the Professional division, ranked professional competitive eaters will compete for a first prize of $1,000, second will pick up $500, and third $300.

Competitors will have a maximum of 20 minutes to eat a delicious platter of low ‘n’ slow BBQ consisting of:

  • 1kg beef brisket
  • 500g fries
  • 500g pulled pork
  • 200g cheese sauce

How quickly do you think you could finish? Think you’re in with a chance of winning? Submit your entry for your chance to be selected:

Who will be crowned the San Antone BBQ Battle Champion? Come along and see Australia’s top ranked eaters battle it out for first place!

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