Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Location : New South Wales
Prizes : First place wins a 7 day cruise to Vanuatu for one.
Rules : Tacos will be served in threes on a plate. Each taco must be eated individually. Once all three tacos are eaten, another plate of 3 tacos can be requested. The person who eats the most tacos in 8 minutes will win. If an eater matches the number of tacos eaten by the "Taco Throne" holder, then the latter eater will gain rights to the "Taco Throne". If there is a tie between two or more eaters after the last round has been completed, then a 2 taco eat-off will occur, first to finish wins.
How to enter : For more info please email or call (02) 9264 4224
The Price : $10
Time Limit : 8 minutes

Are you a taco lover? Would you like to win an overseas trip?

Then be part of our 1st TACO EATING COMPETITION at The Cuban Place!! An officially sanctioned event!

This competition will feature dozens of eaters, many of them professional competitors who want to earn the right to be called “Taco champions” and travel for FREE!

There will be multiple heats taking place on the night. The person who has eaten the most tacos overall across any of those heats will be crowned “Taco Champion”.

As an added incenentive to participate early, the person who has eaten the most tacos in the first round will be granted an exclusive seat in the “Taco Throne”. They will also be given a bottle of Moet to drink while seated. This person will remain in the “Taco Throne” until another eater can beat their record in subsequent rounds.

Doors will be open from 12PM

Competition starts at 5PM

$10 Entry!

*Terms & conditions apply.

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