Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Queensland
Prizes on offer : 1st - $500 and trophy 2nd - $350 3rd - $150
Rules (if applicable) : Each competitor will be provided with a Phat Boyz Monster Burger weighing 3.5kg. Competitors must place their hands flat on the table prior to the start of the competition. The judge will count in the start of the competition with a 3-2-1 count down. Competitors must keep their hands flat on the table until the competition officially commences. Bottled water will be provided. Dunking of the burger in the water or pouring of water over the burger is not permitted. “Picnic Style” rules apply. At the end of the 30 minutes, chimpmunking will be allowed. Water may be consumed once the timer has elapsed. A strict 1 minute period to present an open mouth will be enforced. Should an empty mouth not be shown, 250g will be deducted from the overall total amount eaten, regardless of the amount in the mouth. The winner will be determined by either the person who eats the entire Phat Boyz Monster Burger within the 30 minute period first, second and third, or whoever eats the most amount of the burger over the 30 minute period. Should the burgers not be fully eaten within the 30 minute period, burgers will be individually weighed at the end of the 30 minute period, and the place holders will be determined by who has eaten the most, in order.
How to enter (if applicable) : Entry is reserved to Competitive Eating ranked eaters and special guests
The Price : N/A
Time Limit : 30 minutes

Professional eaters from around Australia will go head-to-head to see who can finish the most (if not all!) of the 3.5kg Phat Boyz Monster Burger! Eaters will have 30 minutes to finish all of, or as much of the burger as possible, with $1,000 in cash and trophies to be won!

The Monster Burger consists of:

600g bun
1kg wagyu beef
1kg pulled pork
500g streaky bacon
6 eggs

The record is currently held by Jwebby Can Eat who’ll be competing at this event!

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