Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2014 Results

Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2014 Results

Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2014

Saturday 29 March saw the 2014 Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge. 12 contestants battled it out for the first prize, their weight in 4 Pines Beer!

The competition started off with introductions, with some outstanding contestants getting huge applause from their supporters in the crowd. Neil Howard, (who shall now be knows as “The X Man”), smeared a chilli sauce “X” across his chest, Jodie Lawlor wore a superhero costume, and Pauly went shirtless also. Before too long though, we were down to business and the competition commenced.

Starting strong, Col “The Conqueror” MacLaurin got out of the blocks seemingly taking an early lead. Others quietly wept into their Death Sentence wings, unaware of the pain that would continue to increase as the competition went on.

While Todd, Joshua and Dan powered on, others started to drop out of the competition, with Tom surrendering first. He’d be followed by Jake, Marcus and later Paul.

As the time neared the 12 minute mark, Todd ate with determination, his bowl of bones piling high for all to see.

After all was said and done, Todd Hansen took first place with a stunning 31 wings. Numbers like that had not been recorded since the start of the competition. The final count was

1st Place: Todd Hansen, 31 wings

2nd Place: Dan Cook, 28 wings

3rd Place: Neil Howard, 27 wings

As a rather large gentleman, Todd will certainly be enjoying a substantial amount of 4 Pines beer in the coming weeks/months!


For full competition, rules and event details:


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