Week 4 – Take Away Series – 100 Nugget Challenge

Week 4 – Take Away Series – 100 Nugget Challenge

100 Nugget ChallengeWeek 4: Final round – 100 Nugget Challenge!

And here we are, the final round of the Take Away Series, the 100 Chicken Nugget Challenge! Speed has been the focus on the first three challenges, and now it’s time for the volume eaters to make an impression. Competitors have until 11:59pm Saturday night to submit their video.

Please note the date, Saturday night midnight at the latest as this is the last day of the month and the end of the competition period.

Here’s the rules for this week:

  • Contestants have to eat 100 Chicken Nuggets as fast as possible
  • The Chicken Nuggets must be either store bought, or from a Take Away store (e.g. Mc Donald’s, KFC), must be “Nuggets” and be as close as possible in shape and size to a Chicken McNugget (i.e. Popcorn Chicken, Chicken crackles will not be accepted)
  • Contestants can lay their nuggets out prior to the competition, or have them brought out to them during the competition. Each nugget must be able to be counted being eaten in the video
  • Chicken Nuggets can be either oven baked or deep fried
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible stopwatch/timer/clock visible in video at all times
  • Drinks ARE allowed. NO DUNKING
  • Timer will be stopped when all 100 Chicken Nuggets have been eaten and an open, empty mouth is visible in the video (i.e. you don’t have to stop the clock yourself)
  • Contestants who cannot eat a total of 100 Chicken Nuggets in the one sitting may still be eligible for points. Selection of a place will be at the discretion of the judges
  • The person who eats 100 Chicken Nuggets in the shortest time will win Round 4 of the Take Away Series

Happy eating!

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