Week 3 – Take Away Series – Triple Twister!

Week 3 – Take Away Series – Triple Twister!

Triple Twister Take Away SeriesWeek 3: Triple Twister!

After a record breaking and extremely close week 2, we’re now onto the third challenge of the series, the Triple Twister Challenge! You know the deal, share the poster on your wall prior to posting your video letting your friends know you’re going to be doing the challenge this week (it’s in our Photos area), take the vid and upload it to Youtube by 11:59pm Friday night. Here’s the rules for this week:

  • Contestants have to eat three (3) KFC Twisters as fast as possible
  • The Twisters must be the “Original” twisters, and not the Salsa or BLT variety. No modifications
  • Contestants can open their Twisters and lay the meal out however they wish prior to the start of their timer
  • The eater must be filmed and publish their video on Youtube or Dropbox
  • The eater must have a clearly visible stopwatch/timer/clock visible in video at all times
  • Drinks ARE allowed. NO DUNKING
  • Times will be tight. Please ensure your timer is easily visible with milliseconds.
  • Timer can be started by the contestant or an assistant. Food must not touch the mouth prior to the timer starting or the entry will be disqualified
  • Timer will be stopped when all items have been eaten and an open, empty mouth is visible in the video (i.e. you don’t have to stop the clock yourself)
  • The person who eats the three Twisters in the shortest time will win Round 3 of the Take Away Series

Happy Eating!

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