Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Location : New South Wales
Prizes : 1st Place: $250. 2nd Place: $100. 3rd Place: $50
Rules : Eaters will have 5 minutes to eat as many Jake Chalmers Cheesy's as possible. Burgers must be eaten whole, one after the other. Only after the previous burger is completely in the contestants mouth (including any dropped ingredients on the plate) can the person start eating the next burger. The person who eats the most whole burgers in that 5 minute period will be deemed the winner and will be awarded the major prize. Chimpmunking at the end of the competition is allowed. Dunking throughout the competition is not allowed. In the event of a tie, any partly eaten burger will be weighed and the entrant with the smallest amount of burger left, by gram, will win. Should no other burger be eaten, the contestant can nominate a burger to be weighed. The nominated burger cannot be modified or touched prior to the nomination. Any contestant that vomits within the 5 minute competition period will be disqualified.
How to enter : Entry on the day
The Price : Free Entry
Time Limit : 5 minutes

Eat as many Cheesy’s in 5 minutes.

Jake Chalmers burger eating competition, it’s going to be bigger than a Big Mac.

Kick off the night with Happy Hour with your mates.

Choose your Champion, anyone can enter.

Loads of Prizes including Cash Money – 1st $250 / 2nd $100 / 3rd $50

Expect a Crazy Night with our world famous Crab races, Trivia and top it off with Live Music from Hia Ground

Sponsored by Young Henry’s you know they bring a party.


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