Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Location : Victoria
Prizes : First Prize: $500 for both Male and Female categories, and an Annual Pass to Luna Park!
Rules : Eaters will have 10 minutes to eat as many Luna Park Hot Dogs and Buns (HDB's) as possible. HDB's must be eaten whole to count, i.e. the same number of buns and hot dogs. Only after both the hot dog and bun have been consumed (including any dropped components on the plate) will the HDB be counted as eaten. Crushing of buns together is not permitted. Any buns that have been crushed beyond recognition will not be counted toward the total. The person who eats the most HDB's in that 10 minute period will be deemed the winner and will be awarded the major prize. Chimpmunking at the end of the competition is allowed. Dunking throughout the competition is allowed. Water will be provided. No other food or drink other than has been provided can be consumed during the competition. In the event of a tie, an "Eat Off" will occur, where the tied contestants (2 or more) will each be given a HDB to consume as fast as possible. After the conclusion of the competition, and the start of the "Eat Off", the contestants are not permitted to leave the competition area. This includes bathroom breaks. The person who consumes the HDB the fastest showing an open mouth (to confirm the HDB has been fully consumed) will be deemed the winner. Any contestant that vomits within the 10 minute competition period will be disqualified.
How to enter : To enter, visit and fill out the entry form. Should you be selected, a $20 fully refundable deposit will be required to secure you place (deposit will be refunded upon arrival at the competition).
The Price : $20 (refundable)
Time Limit : 10 minutes are proud to announce their partnership with Luna Park to officially sanction the 2017 Luna Park Hot Dog Eating Competition.

Scheduled for Saturday 22 July 2017 at 2pm, Australia’s best eaters will battle it out for this prestigious title. Like no other event in Australia, this is one of the pinnacle Competitive Eating events of the year, held at the picturesque Luna Park in Melbourne.’s president Billy Boyd will be announcing the competition again this year. He describes last year’s event:

What an amazing spectacle last year. It went down to a tiebreaker in front of a huge crowd. Everyone was going nuts! You can’t get more exciting than that, and I expect the competition this year to be just a fierce! Can’t wait to be a part of this year’s competition as well!

With each year getting bigger and better, this year is no exception. First prize is $500 cash for both Male and Female categories. Each category will compete separately. All eaters must be over 18 to enter.

Last year’s battle was extremely close, with the Male category going down to a tiebreaker. What will happen this year? Will Ollie “The Ressler” Ressom defend his title? You’ll have to come down to find out!

This year’s entry application requires a video application for participants. Show us how fast you can eat. Show us how much you want to win the main event. The best entries will be shown closer to the event, and the finalists selected.

Registration closes 13 July. To enter, visit


Men’s Competition

First Place – Cal “Hulksmashfood” Stubbs – 16 Hot Dogs

Second Place – Sven “2Krayzee” Pelman – 15 Hot Dogs

Third Place – Mick Dono – 11 Hot Dogs


Women’s Competition

First Place – Sarah Gilbert – 7 Hot Dogs

Second Place – Ilia Tapias Zuniga – 5 Hot Dogs

Third Place – TBC


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