Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Queensland
Prizes on offer : 1st place: $350, 2nd place: $100, 3rd place: $50
Rules (if applicable) : Eaters will have 10 minutes to eat a family sized Funkateers pizza as quickly as possible. Only after the entire pizza, including the dough, crust and all toppings (including any dropped components on the plate, table and floor (if applicable)) will the pizza be counted as eaten whole. The pizza must be eaten by the slice or slices sequentially, that is, the pizza cannot be deconstructed to ensure a clear number of remaining slices can be counted. Should the winners not finish the entire pizza in the allocated 10 minute period, the person who finishes the most whole slices will be deemed the winner or place getter. Partly eaten slices will not count. Only whole slices including the crusts, toppings, and any dropped toppings will be counted towards the total. Chimpmunking at the end of the competition is allowed. Dunking throughout the competition is allowed. Water will be provided. No other food or drink other than has been provided can be consumed during the competition. In the event of a tie, an "Eat Off" will occur, where the tied contestants (2 or more) will each be given a slice of Funkateers pizza of equal weight and size to consume as fast as possible. After the conclusion of the competition, and the start of the "Eat Off", the contestants are not permitted to leave the competition area. This includes bathroom breaks. The person who consumes the slice of pizza the fastest showing an open mouth (to confirm the pizza has been fully consumed) will be deemed the winner. Any contestant that vomits within the 10 minute competition period will be disqualified.
How to enter (if applicable) : Enter via Funkateers Facebook event page:
The Price : $20
Time Limit : 30 minutes

In an officially sanctioned Competitive Eating event, Funkateers Pizzeria & Gelato is holding their inaugural annual Pizza Eating Competition! Finish it first and win $350. Second prize scores $100, and third place gets $50. Not only that, all entrants will score themselves heaps of goodies compliments of Funkateers! If you’re a local, love pizza, and want to help a great cause, sign up and you could win!

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