Listing Types : Eating Competitions
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : New South Wales
Prizes on offer : $3,000 travel voucher
Rules (if applicable) : Heats – Rules 1. By participating in this contest, the contestant agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this contest (including signing of the waiver and release form). 2. Giant Pho Bowl can only be consumed by 1 person. No BYO props or eating utensils to be used. Challengers must only use the supplied cutlery and crockery supplied by District 8 should they require 3. All entrants must nominate themselves to be a part of the challenge at the time of purchase by advising staff at the point of sale. 4. Any attempt to consume giant pho bowl will be timed by an official staff member of District 8. 5. The challenger will eat the pho from a designated area in District 8 Restaurant. 6. The complete bowl of giant pho must be eaten in its entirety to qualify for entry for the grand final (includes all broth) and must be done so in a maximum time limit of 30 minutes. 7. Once the bowl of giant pho is completely eaten the time will be recorded. 8. Any entrant who completely eats all of the giant pho bowl within the maximum time limit of 30 mins or under will receive a $50 District 8 meal voucher and promotional tshirt. 9. Details of all completed entries including the entrants name, email, phone number and eating time will be recorded by an official District 8 staff member. 10. The top 10 entrants who have eaten the complete giant bowl of pho in its entirety within the top 10 quickest times will qualify to be a part of the final draw which will be held on Thursday 5 September 2019, from 7pm. 11. At the end of the heats, all qualifying entrants will be contacted and advised of their entry to the grand final. 12. If no one is successful in eating the final bowl in its entirety there will be no final draw. If only one person is successful at the end of the heat period, they will be deemed winner and receive the prize without taking the grand final draw challenge. If more than one person is successful in the heat round the grand final draw will take place to determine the final winner. The Grand Final Draw – Rules 1. All entrants must present themselves to the judges (located within District 8) between 6pm – 7pm on the Grand Final draw date. Their position will be forfeited if they do not comply with this condition. 2. All entrants will be given a giant bowl of pho to eat at the same time. 3. The entrant who eats the entire bowl of the giant pho first will win a travel voucher of $3000. 4. If no winner is found within 30 minutes from the start time, then all contestants will be told to stop eating. At this point all giant pho bowls will be weighed. The entrant whose bowl weighs the least will be deemed the winner. If there is a draw, the prize will be split equally amongst those contestants with equal weighed bowls. 5. All runners up will win a $100 voucher to use in District 8. 6. The grand final judges decisions will be final and no correspondence or enquiries can be entered into.
How to enter (if applicable) : Purchase the Giant Pho Bowl from District 8 anytime throughout the heat promotional period and nominate yourself for the Pho eating challenge at the time of purchase. Then take the challenge of eating the giant pho bowl for your chance to go into the grand final to win a travel voucher valued at $3000. Plus complete the giant pho bowl during the heats (within 30 mins or under) and get a $50 District 8 Meal voucher.
The Price : $35
Time Limit : 30 minutes

The wildly successful competitive eating challenge created by Cabra-Vale Diggers named ‘Man Vs Pho’ is back… and it’s bigger than ever! The heats start on July 2, 2019 and will run until August 28, 2019 with the finale taking place on 5 September, 2019, and during those weeks some lightning speed pho eating will take place at the South West Sydney club, inside the multimillion dollar precinct housed within Cabra-Vale Diggers, called District 8.

While the food challenge draws participants from the highly ambitious competitive eating world – and the $3000 prize (doubled since last year’s inaugural pho challenge) is a major drawcard – it’s also your every day eater who entered this competition last year, with all entrants needing to eat their way through a pho bowl full of 750g of pho noodles, 600g of beef, 1050g of pho stock, 360g bean sprouts, and 45g of Thai basil.

Last year, this monstrous bowl was downed in a staggeringly quick 5 minutes and 35 seconds, by eventual winner Winnolit Bhuntamnotchrarod. His competitors ate their hearts out, and earned themselves a place in the finale by beating almost 150 entrants in the competition.

Hailing from all over Sydney and beyond – they came from the local community, across the city and from as far as Newcastle – the ten fastest to finish the giant bowl of pho were guaranteed a place in the grand final eat off. Each of the contenders qualified for the grand final by polishing off pho in 45 minutes or less. Proving a social media sensation, the competition engaged with over 100,000 people who followed the competition live, discussing and sharing it online, with the grand finale also streamed live across all the social media platforms of Cabra-Vale Diggers.

Stevenson Su, Executive Chef at District 8, says: “I love seeing our diners really come for the fun of it all! Some people come to take the pho eating challenge, and many also just come to share the huge bowl of delicious pho, and share their own photos and videos across social media, which creates even more of a talking point, and more people wanting to come share the experience! I like creating stories, and during the pho challenge people come and create their own stories and memories which they can share with family. It’s so entertaining to watch, and with the doubling of the prize it’ll create even more excitement.” That’s the best part! Regular diners can purchase this large bowl of pho goodness throughout the promotional competition period – whether they are entering the Man vs Pho 2.0 competition or not.

The top 10 fastest times throughout the challenge will be asked to come back on final draw night, on September 5, to undertake the challenge once again, eating alongside their fellow competitors, at the same time, with the stopwatch on again. The competition is open to anyone. Waivers are of course in place and need to be signed prior to tucking in. Anyone who can complete the challenge within 30 minutes will receive a $50 voucher from the District 8, and Man Vs Pho 2.0 t-shirt. The top 10 fastest times will be updated on the main foyer display board at Cabra-Vale Diggers throughout the Man vs Pho 2.0 promotional period.

People can enter as many times as they like throughout the heat period, though can only hold one position in the final draw. The large bowl of pho is $35 and must be purchased by challengers before commencing. The winner on grand final night will receive the $3000 travel voucher, which essentially means the winner will be eating their way to a holiday! Plus, all the other nine finalists on the night of the grand final will receive a $100 District 8 voucher. So, pho lovers who usually slurp their way through a big bowl of pho and don’t mind being messy and eating it fast are encouraged to enter this much talked about challenge. Anyone can come witness the hugely entertaining grand final feast at Cabra-Vale Diggers inside District 8 on Thursday 5 September, at 7pm.

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