Listing Types : Challenges with prizes
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Victoria
The Challenge : Eat the Taco Bill 2.5kg Big Willi Burrito in under 35 minutes
The Weight : 2.5kg
The Price : $35
Time Limit : 35 minutes
The Prize : $35. Finish it in under 35 minutes and it’s FREE and you get an official certificate of completion
The Record : 8:45 by Hungry Haydo

“Big Willi” is Australia’s largest burrito. Weighing in at 2.5kg’s, the origins of its name stem from the founder of Taco Bill, “Bill Chilcote”. In 2010, to honour Bill’s legacy, the directors of the company decided to name this worthy challenge after him.

At first, many athletic customers from a range of sporting codes came to try and beat the beast. Over time competition grew, and before too long the challenge wasn’t just who could finish it, but who could finish it the fastest. This culminated into a year long fundraising drive for the Prostate Cancer Society in 2012, with Hungry Haydo winning the grand final with an unbeaten-to-this-day time of 8 minutes 45 seconds.

September 6, 2014 will mark the re-launch of this worthy challenge, and the pursuit of who will be Australia’s fastest “Big Willi” burrito eater!

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