Listing Types : Challenges with prizes
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Western Australia
The Challenge : Eat 1.3kg of beef, bacon, egg, cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes in a giant bun.
The Price : Either pay $28.50 or pay $1 per minute. Challenger must finish the burger. The longer you take the more you pay.
The Prize : Name on the honour board, free t-shirt. If you have the shortest time recorded from the 1,000 entrants; for this current challenge you will win $3,000!
The Record : As of September 2013, there have been 165 challengers, with the fastest recorded time being 6:18 by Tom Kaczor.

Loaded with 1.3kg of mince meat patties, this WA diner challenge is one to be reckoned with! And the great thing about this challenge is the faster you eat it, the less you have to pay! And the major prize is certainly attractive. Rarely do you find a burger challenge with this much prize money. We just wonder how long before they reach 1,000 entrants!

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