Listing Types : Challenges with prizes
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Victoria
The Challenge : Eat everything in 30 minutes or less
The Price : $50
Time Limit : 30 minutes
The Prize : Cash jackpot
Photo/Article Credit : CHOMPAMATIC

The Pizza Burger Lounge Eating Challenge!!!

5 eating elements to get through:

  • a large pizza
  • a burger
  • a hot dog
  • a side of fries
  • a large thickshake

It cost $50 to sit the challenge, you get your photo on the hall of fame and a portion of each entry fee goes into a cash jackpot rewarded to anyone who can finish the entire lot in under 30 minutes!

On paper it didnt sound like that much food, but since the challenge began a whole year ago only one person has ever been beaten it…

Every challenger gets the option to choose their thickshake flavor and any 2 varieties of the 3 main food items for the Pizza/ Burger/ Hotdog combination, so i ordered the basic pepperoni pizza and the single patty cheese burger thinking it would be the easier option and that i could easily smash whatever hotdog was put in front of me. What i didn\\’t realize was just how thick the pizza would be, these guys go ridiculously super heavy on the toppings so getting through the pizza was a mission on its own, follow that by a burger half the size of my head, a thickshake so dam thick i had zero chance of drinking any of it through a straw and then i was unfortunate enough to be served up the almighty Pizza Dog hotdog which is served with about 4 extra handfuls of ham, cheese, salami and napolitano sauce on top.

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