Listing Types : Challenges with prizes
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : South Australia
The Challenge : Eat the 6 x 160g chuck burger patties, 6 x bacon, 6 x provolone cheese slices, 6 x cheddar cheese slices, lettuce, tomato and fries in 20 minutes or less.
The Price : $40
Time Limit : 20 minutes
The Prize : During special challenge periods you get naming rights over the burger, like James “Jim Bob” Rose did when he smashed it in just over 5 minutes. Any other time if you finish in under 20 minutes you’ll get your name on their wall of fame and 10% off any meal for a month. Miss the time limit and you’ll end up on their wall of shame!
The Record : Just over 5 minutes by James “Jim Bob” Rose.

Named after their love of the movie, the Commando is a massive tower of a burger packed full of their tasty signature beef patties. At certain times of the year they’ll have a “Commando Challenge”, where whoever records the fastest time will have naming rights to the burger for the month. The last one was won by well known competitive eater James “Jim Bob” Rose. It’s a burger worthy of any appetite!

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