Listing Types : Eaters
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : Sydney
Hobbies : Boxing, Rugby, Eating
Height : 190cm
Weight : 90kg

Isaac is one of the youngest eaters on the circuit, but don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. His ability to put away huge amounts of food is second to none!

His first foray into competitive eating was in December 2013 when he entered the Lone Star Dallas Dog Dare competition and ended up walking away with a $1,000 prize. That was all he needed to seek out bigger and better challenges and in the process collect some great prize money and records along the way.

The sheer volume and quality of his competitive eating achievements in such a short time has solidified Isaac’s position as a serious competitor on the Australian competitive eating scene.


  • 1st place Phatbastard Final December 2013 “Longboards”
  • 1st place Nan Bread competition “Bay of India”
  • 1st place in Ribs and burger competition

Eating Challenges