Listing Types : Challenges with prizes
Challenge Type : Capacity Challenge / Speed Challenge
Location : New South Wales
The Challenge : Eat the 1.7Kg Smash Sausage and Potato Mash in 35 minutes or less
The Weight : 1.7kg
The Price : $40
Time Limit : 35 minutes
The Prize : Your name on the Smash Wall of Sausage and an “I ate the Sausage” cap
The Record : 7:42 by James “Jim Bob” Rose

Starting late January 2013, The Smash Sausage Kitchen came up with one heck of a sausage challenge. This thing is as thick as your forearm, weighs in at 1kg and is chockablock full of meaty meat. There’s also 700g of mash on the side. If you like a meaty challenge then this one is certainly one for you. You’ll need to call ahead at least one day for them to prepare the beef sausage, 4 days ahead for any other flavour.

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