Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2 , Fortitude Valley – 21 April 2012 Results

Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge 2 , Fortitude Valley – 21 April 2012 Results


Saturday 21 April saw 8 competitors battle it out to be crowned the Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Champion of round 2. The second event of the year showcased a number of seasoned eaters, including the winner of the Hot Dog Style Hot Dog Eating Competition, a previous entrant from round 1, and another competitor who had eaten the Off the Wall Diner’s “World’s Hottest burger twice!

Drawing a crowd even larger than the first event, it was standing room only as competitors attempted to down as many of the Death Sentence Wings as they could in 12 minutes. The previous record of 39 wings set by Jared Martin seemed to be under threat early, when wings were being eaten at almost one every 10 seconds. However once the heat started to settle in, the pace slowed, but remained strong throughout the 12 minutes.

At the half way mark, it was difficult to see who was leading the competition, with a number of eaters bowls almost full of discarded bones and lashings of hot sauce. Tristan “The Wing Wizard” Want, Rhys “The Squeeze” Endres, and Colin “The Conqueror” MacLaurin all wing-to-wing in a race to the finish. Only in the final minutes did there seem to be two clear leaders, with three others fighting it out for minor placing’s.

Andrew “The King of Heat” Ruller, while starting strong and handling the heat easily, dropped the pace at around the half-way point, unable to keep up with the volume of wings needing to be consumed.

Two last minute entrants Darryl “The Food Fiend” Fraser and Jerry “The Hurter” Houkamau, both large set gentlemen looked to be the part, but were unable to match the determination and speed of the other eaters.

With less than two minutes to go, Nate “Dizzle” lurched forward, cheeks full of wings looking very close to seeing the wings again, but pushed through the pain barrier and kept eating, holding what looked to be the leading position with Ben “Pullin” Pullen coming a very close second.

In the last 30 seconds, the unthinkable happens. In a moment of panic, Nate “Dizzle” crams too many wings in his mouth to further the lead over Ben, has a reversal, and is instantly disqualified him from the competition. The crowd couldn’t believe it, Nate couldn’t believe it, and a somewhat relieved Ben sitting opposite continued his pace until the final seconds counted down to zero.

Taking third place and winning a $25 bar tab with a count of 32 wings in 12 minutes, Tristan “The Wing Wizard” Want.

Second place, winning a $50 bar tab was second time entrant Rhys “The Squeeze” Endres, eating 36 wings in 12 minutes.

And taking out first place, matching the current record of 39 wings in 12 minutes and taking out a first prize of $100 bar tab was Ben “Pullin” Pullen

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Event Details:

Yardbird Ale House, in association with CompetitiveEating.com.au and SupersizedMeals.com are proud to present the second “Yardbird Ale House Death Sentence Wing Challenge”. Are you man enough to eat as many Death Sentence wings as possible in 12 minutes?


  1. First prize either a $100 bar tab at Yardbird Ale House or a $100 tattoo voucher from 198 Tattoo, as well as a bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.
  2. Second prize is either a $50 bar tab at Yardbird Ale House or a $50 tattoo voucher from 198 Tattoo
  3. Third Prize is a $25 bar tab at Yardbird Ale House


  • Contestants have 12 minutes to eat as many of Yardbird Ale House’s “Death Sentence Wings” as possible.
  • Liquids can be consumed as part of the competition, and can only be supplied by the Yardbird Ale House. No dairy.
  • Contestants must not leave the table at any time during the competition. Those who do will instantly be disqualified
  • Contestants who have a “reversal” are instantly disqualified. A reversal will be determined by the head judge with no further discussion entered into. The judges decision is final.
  • “Chipmunking” is permitted. At the end of the 12 minutes, what goes in and stays in counts, so long as it’s consumed within 2 minutes after the 12 minutes has elapsed. Failure to finish will result in a 3 wing penalty.

How to enter:

Contestants must qualify and register by Tuesday 17 April 2012. Entry fee is $20 and must be paid prior to the event. For more details, email events@competitiveeating.com.au, visit the Yardbird Ale House facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/YardbirdAleHouse or leave a comment below this article.


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