Pancake Manor Shrove Tuesday Pancake Eating Competition, Brisbane – 4pm Sunday 17 February 2013 Results

Pancake Manor Shrove Tuesday Pancake Eating Competition, Brisbane – 4pm Sunday 17 February 2013 Results

Mesrati Kahsay (2nd) and Daniel Mercer (3rd)Results

One of the largest turnouts in Pancake Manor history graced this year’s Shrove Tuesday Pancake Eating Competition, with roughly 25 people taking part in what would be an epic battle between a select few.

Starting a little later than planned, at 4:25 the battle began, with eaters stuffing down their first plate of 2 pancakes in no time. Not soon after did most of the table have their hands raised asking for more pancakes. While it did take a while, this competition was going to be one that required a solid pace rather than initial speed.

Eaters consistently put aside empty plates, stacks growing at an even rate for the first 15 minutes of the competition. Cameron Jukes (known for his Yardbird challenges) was setting a cracking pace, constantly raising his hands and becoming frustrated at the speed of which more pancakes were being brought out. Daniel Mercer kept pace, and didn’t let Cameron get too far ahead.

20 minutes into the competition and eaters started fading quickly, with some eaters looking to take a nap on their soft, fluffy treats.

While the pace had stopped for some, the first official disqualification came 30 minutes into the competition, where one eater lifted himself from the table, retiring most likely to the bathroom for some sort of relief.

By this stage, Daniel Mercer had cut quite a lead ahead of Cameron, who looked to be struggling from a combination of pancakes, syrup and butter. And all the while, Ratti YK was quietly continuing to smash pancakes at the end of the table, quickly catching up to Cameron at an aggressive, but constant pace.

48 minutes saw another disqualification, this time at the hands of the first and only reversal of the competition. A well aimed mini-chuck thankfully, but a disqualification nonetheless.

At 50 minutes, everyone other than Daniel had pretty much called it quits. Ratti YK knew he was a comfortable second place, Cameron had stopped eating. All that was left now was the question, how many MORE pancakes can Daniel eat?!?!

With only a few minutes to go, Daniel put away one last plate of food. With a total of 28 pancakes, Daniel took home not only the win, but the crown of undisputed record holder!

First Place: Daniel Mercer – 28 Pancakes

Second Place: Ratti YK – 15 Pancakes

Third place: Cameron Jukes – 13 Pancakes




It’s on again! The Pancake Manor in Brisbane is again hosting their annual Pancake Eating Competition. Cost of entry is $15, and they’re taking signups now.


The Pancake Manor
18 Charlotte St
Brisbane QLD 4000

Date and Time

Sunday 17 February 2013
Competition starts 4pm sharp


  • 1st Prize is a $50 gift voucher


  • Contestants have 1 hour to eat as many pancakes as possible. The record is 19 (20? to be confirmed!), held by Daniel Mercer’s win in 2012
  • No bathroom breaks (If you leave the table you’re disqualified)
  • Only whole pancakes count (If there is a crumb left it doesn’t count)
  • If you throw up, you’re disqualified

It’s been noted that you have to “go hard” to beat the record, and also says “know your limits”

How to enter

Contestants simply need to front up to The Pancake Manor with $15 prior to the event and put their name down. Early reservations are recommended as spaces are limited

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