Toowong Tower Eating Competition, 22 June 2013

Toowong Tower Eating Competition, 22 June 2013

The Toowong Tower Burger Challenge


  • 3 Beef Patties
  • 3 Fried Eggs
  • 3 Bacon Layers
  • 3 Slices of Cheese
  • Tomato, Lettuce & Aioli
  • On a toasted buns+ CHIPS!


  1. No sharing
  2. Your plate must be clean. No dribbly bits of lettuce or half a fry.. Just eat the lot.
  3. If you cant complete the TOWER, you not only will be trash talked by a) your peers, b) the chef and c) all bar staff but you shall also have to upload a photo of you and your incomplete burger to our ‘Wall of Shame” (Dont worry, we will supply tissues)
  4. Keep it down. Throwing up will be a disqualification.

We do not take any responsibility for any pain or suffering you may encounter.

All entrants will be timed, the winner is the fastest contestant to complete the burger and fries.

TO ENTER: Swing your details on the event page (this page)/Email Toowong Bowls Club-Club Toowong FB page or give us a call on 3870 1616



  • First Place: Daniel Mercer – 4:19
  • Second Place: Daniel Mercer (on his second attempt for the day) – 7:11
  • Third Place: Colin MacLaurin – 7:34


Video of the event

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